• CBSE Affiliation Number : 1631044

Member Incharge

S. Amrik Singh Chawla
Member Incharge

The golden years spent in school are often recalled for a lifetime. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of management to provide all the wonderful platforms to the students to showcase their potential.

We are working collaboratively to broaden the horizon and vision of the students with technological supremacy. We are helping them to be tech-savvy. We are using advanced technology to provide them with meaningful learning.

Technological literacy is needed in the 21st century. Hence, teachers of SGHPS are using technology-driven teaching to inculcate technological knowledge in students.

Ultimately, the management and staff wish students holistic growth to make them brave, brilliant, and determined in life.

SGHPS is working progressively to impart quality education by refining and shaping young minds. The main aim of the school is to provide advanced and result-oriented teaching to make students pass with flying colors.

 The students are given chances to work on various projects under the able guidance of the subject experts. We encourage the application of experiential learning through hands-on learning on various projects. Foundational skill like Information Literacy is made possible in our institution. We ensure to provide a conducive environment hence, course expectations are explicitly communicated to the students.

I hope to keep on rendering my services with tremendous enthusiasm and impact. I wish my students a great learning time.

S. Jagjit Singh Gaba
Member Incharge

We envision imparting moral and ethical values to the students. Character Building and Personality Development of all the students is the ultimate goal of the school. In our school, Positivity and Empathy are instilled in the students to make them mentally strong. Hence, they are provided with the healthy atmosphere in the school.

We ensure that they get a chance to know their culture and stick to their roots. Classroom activities help them to grow and excel. Timely appreciation of the students is done to encourage them to participate more in all the activities.

 I wish all of the students to be analytically strong enough to differentiate and act righteously.